How to write an essay about yourself

Kids become adept at writing beautiful and interesting essays about diverse topics assigned to them by their teachers in schools. They can write about anything under the sun in an expert manner but are found wanting when asked to write an essay about them. The situation is no different with even experienced writers and journalists who have spent their lives reporting different events taking place in the society. Is it so difficult to write an essay about yourself that is engaging for the readers? Let us suggest few simple tricks to make the task easier for you.

You cannot impress your readers by boasting about your achievements

First of all, you should understand that readers are not interested in your high levels of thinking and moral standards. This is alright when they are reading the biography of a great leader or a scientist but they want you to come out with only the truth about yourself. Yes, they wouldn’t mind if you try to glorify yourself by describing a little about your achievements or when you try to hide behind high moral grounds when keeping your point of view on issues that are considered a taboo in the society.

They want to see the common man in you

Believe me, people are least interested in reading about what you do and what you have achieved in your life till date. They are more interested in identifying themselves with your failings, your fears, anxieties, and concerns. They want to know how you coped with your fears and the rollercoaster ride that you have experienced while confronting your own contradictions. You are not going to develop a huge fan list by boasting about your victories and achievements as you will not be viewed as a celebrity by the readers. It is better to drop your ego and behave like a normal human being just as you behave in front of your fast friend.

Be frank and honest and you have won the battle

Remember, your personal essay is a story of your life, not the life of a movie star or a great leader. So do not be under the illusion that a reader would be anticipating a very glamorous life full of impressive events. All you need to do is to unfold the events of your life having a great bearing on your personality in an honest and unbiased manner. You may not know this, but any attempt to hide your true feelings and projecting yourself as a champion of many social causes will only bore the readers.
You have to capture the readers’ interest right from the word go or as quickly as possible with the first paragraph where you introduce yourself. Do not begin with your name or when and where you were born as these facts are secondary for the interest iof your readers. What they want is vivid details of every single event in your life that has guided you and brought you this far.